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Founding and Practices:

A-Plus Restaurant Equipment was established in 1991 and has since provided thousands of food service businesses with equipment, consulting and advice. We have formed lasting relationships with hundreds of clients and continue to work with most of them today. In 2005, we incorporated the internet into our business and began to take our ideas and practices all across the country. Today, we are a Top Rated Platinum Power Seller on eBay with a consistent 100 percent positive feedback rating; a status accomplished by very few sellers. Our services provide crating, packaging and shipping all over the country, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

The A-Plus Difference:

At A-Plus, we make sure everything done benefits our clients. From beginning to end, every detail is considered and carried out by discussing day to day operations with our customers. We meet with the chefs and kitchen staff in order to formulate a seamless package that ensures your kitchen operates at its full potential



What We Do

Our services include full construction and kitchen equipment consulting, bar set up, technical advise, and kitchen line development. Our consulting services and in depth knowledge of how kitchens operate have provided our clients with the perfect kitchen set up for all of their needs.

By working with vendors and auction outlets nationwide, we have a constant supply of quality second-hand equipment. There are many dealers who sell second-hand food service equipment, but there are very few companies that implore such a vigorous and meticulous process in preparing said equipment. Our items are completely overhauled and refurbished. In most cases, units are taken apart and stripped of any dirt or grease and evaluated to see if parts need to be replaced. They are then reassembled, painted, polished and retested to make sure the product you receive is a fully functional unit that will last and perform.

Besides maintaining top seller status on eBay for the past 7 years, we have also been a member of the better business bureau in the highest standing. The owner of the company is usually involved in every detail of the day-to-day operations and believes that the hands on approach is the only approach. Customer service is our top priority and we often go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy with the end results.

We continue to work with the nation's top chefs and culinary professionals; individuals who the restaurant industry looks to for innovation and a creative edge. We have been trusted to carry out their dreams and ideas by turning them into actual spaces and kitchens. Our clients include Beard and Michelin award winners, along with those who have attained some of the highest ratings from the most prestigious critics and food service publications.


Packaging Process


Refurbishing Process


Before Refurbishing

Vulcan Before Refurbishing 1 of 5 Vulcan Before Refurbishing 2 of 5 Vulcan Before Refurbishing 3 of 5 Vulcan Before Refurbishing 4 of 5
Vulcan Before Refurbishing 5 of 5

After Refurbishing

Vulcan After Refurbishing 1 of 5 Vulcan After Refurbishing 2 of 5 Vulcan After Refurbishing 3 of 5 Vulcan After Refurbishing 4 of 5
Vulcan After Refurbishing 5 of 5